Distance learning

Dear students!

We provide obligatory online testing Socrative via Socrative.com (Room name: pediatriya3) TESTING SOCRATIVE from 9 AM to 15 PM every day. Also, your teacher will confirm the exact time when the system is open.


Clinical cases should be completed and submitted to Moodle platform according to the schedule (Schedules, Pediatrics - Module 3 ). Please consider the instructions for the written task (file is added below). Each student must submit a case on the topic in advance, no later than 9 a.m Ukrainian time the day the topic is scheduled. Submitted answers will be discussed daily during the videoconference via Google Meet. Details for the meeting will be provided by your teacher.

Links to the Daily Video Meetings via Google Meet

Group, subgroup:     7   Date: Nov 30- Jan 5  Teacher: Assoc.Prof. Shvaratska O.V.  Link:  https://meet.google.com/ybd-qbyh-pdc 

Group , subgroup:    9   Date:  Nov 30- Jan 5 Teacher: Assoc.Prof. Hodiatska K.K. Link:   meet.google.com/vkm-vzah-dsd  

Group, subgroup:      8  Date:   Nov 30- Jan 5  Teacher: Assoc.Prof. Alifanova S.V. Link:  https://meet.google.com/mcy-qqvs-ypb  

Clinical cases_final ed

Clinical cases for foreign students

Instructions for the written task.docx

Instructions for the clinical cases

Additional information on the topics may be found at the https://www.medscape.com/pediatrics 

The resource is free but requires simple registration.